Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pepper's Debut

So, in February we got Pepper.

As you can see, she was adorable.  We were all quite taken with her.  Then, she pretty much became the bane of my existence.  Accidents, chewing what she shouldn't, destroying my furniture, puking because she ate something disgusting, etc.  This is not even the worst of the damage, it's just the only picture.  

Sometimes I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  She sits, she waits patiently while we feed her, and then waits for the command to start eating, she usually comes when we call her.  She's got promise, really.  But, sometimes I'm not sure if I'm going to outlast the puppy phase.  Seriously, our neighbors must think we all have Tourette's Syndrome.  We are always yelling at the dog about something.

But, then we do something like take her swimming, and I realize she is pretty cute still.

And right now Pepper is snuggled up at my feet after a quick walk around the block.  She is making funny Eewok noises while I pet her with my foot.  She's not all bad.  I suppose we'll keep her.