Sunday, January 30, 2011

How I Like to Start My Day

Before I had quite finished my first cup of coffee Saturday morning I had to clean some stuff out of my Jeep so the seat could be put down - a storage run was on the agenda for the day.  I grabbed the bag of trash that I'd been meaning to throw out for a week or so, and the random scraps that had accumulated in the back seat, then threw everything in my hands into the dumpster.  When I returned to my Jeep I realized I couldn't find my keys.  I delayed my panic and took the detritus from my car into the apartment, then went on a key hunt.  I looked in, around and under my car several times, all the while feeling the dumpster looming behind me.  I turned and looked directly at the dumpster.  I walked to the dumpster and opened the lid.  I stared into its stinky depths.  I said a quick prayer of thanks that the day before was garbage day.  It was relatively empty.  No chance a dead body was hiding inside.  I went back inside and grabbed a broom so I could use its handle to push the garbage around before I jumped inside for no reason.  Just as I was clambering up the side of the dumpster one of my neighbors came outside to throw something away.  Awkward.  I sheepishly smiled at her and explained that I was afraid I'd thrown my keys away.  She stayed for moral support.  With the broom handle I pushed the garbage around, and there they were.  Right on top of someone's leftover Chinese.  Blech.  I sighed a big sigh and made my descent.  My keys were rescued!  

Oh, as I was climbing out a moose calf came running from around the corner.  I swear he cocked his eye at me as he ran down 79th Ave.


  1. oh, thank goodness you didn't have to do anymore dumpster diving than that!

  2. I know! I did enough that I felt like I needed to dip myself in disinfectant, though.