Monday, April 11, 2011

An Informal Thank You Note

Dear Mom and Tots,
Thank you so much for the subscription you got me for The New Yorker.  It has proved to be a lasting gift.  I really enjoyed reading it until February.  Now your gift serves a higher purpose.  As New Yorker magazines enters our house they are promptly rolled into cylindrical shapes and staged in various places around our house.  I usually have one on my lap wherever I happen to be sitting.  There is one on top of the television cabinet, and one on our computer desk.  There is one on each segment of kitchen counter, and one on our dining room table.  We have one in reach no matter where we might be in the house.  They are now devoted to swatting the rump of our naughty puppy.  This might not be quite the purpose you had in mind for them, but they are sure coming in handy.  I think of you both with fondness and appreciation,  many times throughout my day, as I swat Pepper off the kitchen counter, or stop her from chewing on our shoelaces, or snatch the sofa cushions from her mouth, or rescue the electrical cords from her sharp little puppy teeth, or rescue the remote control . . .

Thank you again and again,

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  1. Raising a puppy does not sound like something I ever want to do again. Ever.